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LISTEN... to the horse
2013 Red Geetar Records


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"Listen" is the feature song on the film "V: The Legacy of Sheila Varian"


"LISTEN": 2013 WMA Song of the Year

"STILL THERE":2014 Western Writers Of America Spur Award Best Song of the Year

Review by Western Horseman Magazine:

     "The latest CD release from singer-songwriter Juni Fisher gets to the heart of the horse-human bond and takes listeners on a musical journey celebrating stock horses and the people who ride them.

     The journey begins on the CD cover, where Fisher writes: “The true horsemen and women who listen to this album may be inspired to laugh, cry, and share the word. Those who do not fully understand may seek to learn more, and for that, the horses of the world are celebrating.”

     Listeners are treated to 11 traditional Western songs with a horse related theme, six of which are written by Fisher. In three of the songs, cowboy poets Waddie Mitchell and Diane Tribitt join Fisher.

     The title track “Listen” has a natural horsemanship message of tuning into a horse and trying to see things from its perspective. The fourth track, “Fillinic” is a tribute to the legendary Quarter Horse mare who started a cow-horse dynasty, while track seven, “Patrick,” written by Mike Beck, honors Bill Dorrance and one of his bridle horses. Track eight, “Cuttin’ Horse Pen,” is an upbeat anthem dedicated to those who compete in cutting.

     Before her music career ignited, the award-winning entertainer spent her early years training horses and working on ranches. Even though she now spends most of her time on the road performing, she still gets horseback as often as she can. Her knowledge of and sensitivity to the horse come through in her lyrics, and anyone who knows horses can tell they were written from personal experience. As much autobiographical as it is entertaining, the CD is perfect to play in the barn, in the truck, or at home."

Jennifer Dennison, for Western Horseman


"Juni returns to her equine roots with 11 emotional and thought-provoking songs about horses and horse people. Farriers, trainers, reiners, bridle horses, racers, cutters, and mustangs are all presented as only a lover of equus caballus can. You can almost smell the dust and sweat."

American Cowboy Magazine, August/September 2013

If you do not have Juni Fisher's new CD "Listen" you are missing out on a wonderful music experience. I am just able to listen to the song "Fillinic" without tears but I still get a lump in my throat. It brings back memories of horses or any pet that was dear to you and if you knew Greg you can just see him and Fillinic riding at night. If you have never been on a horse "Ride With Your Heart Open" will make you a rider. "Cuttin Horse Pen" makes you laugh and lets you experience what it is like to show a horse. There is not one song that you will not fall in love with. I know a great singer needs a great producer like Dave Martin and you both did an amazing job.

You need to purchase this amazing CD and if you have never met this talented singer/songwriter/horsemen you need to come to the Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival in December.

Dee Dee Garcia White, Monterey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival.

Juni is Juni. You know going in that a new CD from her will be well worth your investment and time. But this time there is one more aspect that is worth both. Read oll of the liner notes before hearing a note of it.

     Up to now, Juni has shown us events, characters, new directions, history, and inspirations. In this release, more than ever before, she shows us heart. "Listen" subtitled "to the horse" was born from her own rediscovery of Vitamin Equine. In her writes and co-writes with Waddie Mitchell and Diane Tribitt as well as her covers of Mike Beck's "Patrick" and the old standard "Stewball," Juni explores the fact that horse sense may well rank somewhere above even common sense, and at least three of our five senses as well.  "Hearing" is one we most need to employ with a horse, with "Touch" ranking a close second...Just "Listen!!" It's another fine one from Her Ladyship. Eleven tracks total.

Rick Huff, Western Way Magazine


"Before I listened to Juni Fisher's new album, "LISTEN to the Horse", I was thinking, there's no way she can keep producing outstanding albums, one after another. After all, 9 of the 11 songs were written or co-written by her....that requires creativity, dedication and craftsmanship. Boy, after listening to her new album, I have to admit I was dead wrong!! She pulled off another winner. Kudos also to Dave Martin, producer. The title song is worth the price of the CD. It has a great, solo guitar back up by Tom Britt, who must have played in a Salvation Army band at one time....that is a positive. The two selections co-written by Miss Juni and Waddie are classic poetry in song....."Still There" and a reprise of "Who They Are", which should be in everone's collection....superb!! "Night Hawk" a collaboration with poet Daine Tribett is also a winner. The concept album provides a look into Juni Fisher's soul as she's been transparent in sharing how she had to get over the memory of a terrible horse wreck and get back in the saddle again. The last song "Ride with Your Heart Open" depicts overcoming the wrecks that come along now and then to those of us who love God's greatest creation, next to woman. Chalk up another victory for Juni......I shouldn't have doubted her! Go buy her new album and see her in person. You'll be glad you did!" Gary Brown, Venue owner, Mavericks Roasting Company, and founder of the Monterey Cowboy Poetry Festival

"The main title of Juni Fisher's latest recording, Listen, is deceptively spare. Even before you listen to the dazzling music, the engaging liner notes draw you into into her world and the unique experience of the project; you're listening before a note is played. You follow her journey and learn how she came to listen to her own heart in a greatly healing way. What results are songs—from blues to ballads that are deep, moving, exhilarating, and complex—with a singular passion: the horse.
Along with her own outstanding compositions, there are collaborations with poets Waddie Mitchell and Diane Tribitt; a cover of Mike Beck's iconic "Patrick"; and the traditional "Stewball."
A "warning" on CD states, "The true horsemen and women who listen to this album may be inspired to laugh, cry, and share the word. Those who do not fully understand may seek to learn more, and for that, the horses of the world are celebrating..." In short: everyone should listen.
Produced by Dave Martin, the music is flawless. Carolyn Martin joins in on Harmonies in the title track. Jeri Dobrowski of Lamesteer Publishing & Graphics designed the attractive package, which includes a photograph by California's Cindy Stout Quigley.

Margo Metagrano,

Juni Fisher takes the willing horseman and woman on a journey that enters the essence and heart of horsemanship: the deep connection between horse, and those humans willing to look for it.

In the empathetic title track “Listen” the horse implores the rider to tune in to what is going on, the honoring of the work of the farrier in “For Want of a Nail,” and then the eerily prophetic look at the treatment of America’s native people in Mitchell and Fisher’s “Still There,” one would feel that they know where this is going, but the easy going sound of “Fillinic,” written about the great mare that created the Greg Ward dynasty in the reined Cow Horse world will carry the listener along ‘til the last verses, and then deliver a hard hitting message that is sure to linger in the heart of horsemen.

“Fly Without Leaving the Ground” is as autobiographical as Fisher has ever written, we get a glimpse into what she had and almost lost, and then regained, and “Stewball” was a childhood favorite of hers. Juni loved Mike Beck’s fine tribute to Bill Dorrance and his bridle horse “Patrick,” and “Cuttin’ Horse Pen” is destined to be the national anthem of cutting horse riders and enthusiasts.

Poet Diane Tribitt shared her wonderful poem “Song of the Nighthawk,” and Fisher found a hauntingly beautiful way to give it a musical voice. “Who They Are” was one of the first songs Fisher and Mitchell wrote together several years ago, and was a perfect fit to honor horsemen and women. The final track, “Ride With Your Heart Open” celebrates the horsemen of the world who are willing to help people understand their own unique, and ever evolving connection with horses. This is an album for horses and the humans who dedicate their lives to them. will understand.

1. Listen (by Juni Fisher) 4:58 (2013 WMA Song of the Year) This is the song that plays as you open this website.
2. For Want of a Nail (by Juni Fisher) 5:44
3. Still There (by Waddie Mitchell, Juni Fisher) 5:15 (2014 Spur Award Winner, Western Writers of America
4. Fillinic (by Juni Fisher) 5:49
5. Fly Without Leaving the Ground (by Juni Fisher) 3:41
6. Stewball Traditional 3:34
7. Patrick (by Mike Beck) 4:34
8. Cuttin' Horse Pen (by Juni Fisher) 3:27
9. Song of the Nighthawk (by Diane Tribitt, Juni Fisher) 7:04
10. Who They Are (by Juni Fisher, Waddie Mitchell) 4:28
11. Ride With Your Heart Open (by Juni Fisher) 4:33


secret chord

2012 Red Geetar Records.

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SECRET produced by the wonderfully talented Dave Martin, all new players, all new sound, same Juni Fisher wit and where-with-all. You will want to have this one in your collection just to see how far Fisher will go outside the lines. Purchase a download of this album here : SECRET CHORD/JUNI FISHER or get the physical CD by clicking a link on the left!

You asked, and we recorded! "Who They Are," "Woman Be Wise," and Leonard Cohen's
"Hallelujah" are all here. Yep, Juni has taken a short side excursion from her Folk/Western flair, to bring you some of the songs she adds in to surprise and delight her audiences in concert. A delightful departure, easy listening, and you'll say "Hey! I remember that song!"

1. You Belong to Me 3:18
2. Hit the Road Jack 2:56
3. Who They Are 4:27
4. Hold On 5:31
5. Woman Be Wise 3:28
6. Your Feets Too Big 3:39
7. Pearl White Jag 4:12
8. Someone To Love 3:49
9. Farewell to Tarwathee 2:50
10. Dream A Little Dream of Me 2:45
11. Hallelujah 5:42
12. I'll Be Seeing You

From the liner notes:
In my secret musical world, the "music I listen to that folks don't expect to learn I listen to" my playlist of songs I sing along with is laden with old time blues, hard wailing Tom Waits, raspy, soul searching Leonard Cohen...the eclectic side of my musical life. My Secret Chord.


let er go

Back in stock Feb 15, 2016, preorder now, we'll ship when the CDs arrive!

Let 'Er Go, "Let 'Er Buck", Let 'Er Fly
2010 Red Geetar Records

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Let 'er Go, Let 'er Buck, Let 'er Fly 

CONTAINS THE 2011 WMA Song of the Year "YAKIMA"
Juni joins the Pendleton Round-up in celebration of their 100th Rodeo!

Purchase via Download here: Let 'Er Go, Let 'er Buck, Let 'Er Fly/ Juni Fisher

1. Let 'er Go, Let 'er Buck, Let 'er Fly Intro
2. Let 'er Go, Let 'er Buck, Let 'er Fly
3. Jackson Sundown
4. Cowgirlfriends (feat. Patty Clayton)
5. Bonnie McCarrol Intro
6. Bonnie McCarroll
7. Horse Like You
8. Prairie Rose Intro
9. Prairie Rose
10. Yakima Intro
11. Yakima (2011 WMA Song of the Year)
12. Pony Called Love Intro (feat. Andy Nelson)
13. Pony Called Love
14. Ambler Saddle
15. Snubbin Horse
16. Roundup To Remember


gone to colorado

2008 Red Geetar Records


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WINNER OF THE 2008 Western Heritage Award / Wrangler Award

1. Sedalia Colorado: Never Knew
2. Gone For Colorado
3. Goin' Somewhere
4. Long Way From Missoura
5. Railroad Corral (*traditional)
6. Sedalia Colorado: Family Secret
7. Lilac Blue Eyes
8. Sedalia Colorado: On Jarre Creek
9. Emma
10. Sedalia Colorado: Ada Dow
11. Waitin' For Spring (*by Gary McMahon)
12. Colorado Trail (*traditional)
13. Wild New Mexico Cowgirl
14. Range Delivery (*by Ian Tyson)
15. Sedalia Colorado: The Story That I Tell
16. Whippoorwill

"An epic journey, an historical masterpiece, featuring Juni's Great Grandfather... Juni's finest storytelling through song ever"

Sedalia Colorado was the birthplace of Juni's maternal Grandmother, and the scene of successes and heartbreaks for her Grandmother's father, John E. Overstreet. Juni set out to uncover a long kept family secret, about John's first family: his wife and child who shared a ranch and life with him.
From his birthplace in Missouri, to long cattle drives as a teenager, to his first marriage and child on a historic Colorado ranch, John Overstreet lived his dream as a cowboy, leaving an indelible and still present mark on Sedalia. Songwriting legend Ian Tyson sent Juni his "Range Delivery," and writer of "Old Double Diamond," Gary McMahon contributed "Waitin' For Spring". Top Producer Rich O'Brien added incredible guitar and mandolin, as well as his keen ear for production. Patty Clayton's beautiful harmonies are perfect throughout. If you love storytelling through song, and want to experience a classic journey, buy this for yourself and your family members.
"Juni's new CD is absolutely the best she's ever done ! Call it luck that started a personal search for the true story about her family. Call it brilliant that she'd put the pieces together into a cohesive story-line. Call Rich O'Brien's production efforts masterful (and superb harmony from Patty Clayton is only part of the magic) !" Bill Barwick, AWA Male Performer of the Year, The Voice of the Encore Western Channel.
All original songs, except where noted (*)



2006 Red Geetar Records


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Now in it's FIFTH pressing

Featuring the WMA Song of the year for 2007 "I Hope She'll Love Me"

1. Wayfaring Rider (intro)
2. The Race Call
3. Little Red Horse
4. Silver Music (In the Bridle)
5. Wayfaring Rider (continued)
6. To Remember the Alamo*
7. Cowgirlography
8. Bring My Fiddle
9. Wayfaring Rider (continued)
10. The Brazos+
11. The West**
12. I Hope She'll Love Me (duet with Sons of the San Joaquin's Joe Hannah. 2007 WMA Song of the Year)
13. Wayfaring Rider (continued)
14. Ballad of the Runaway Horse***
15. Wayfaring Rider (continued)
16. Goodnight Good Pony Goodnight
17. Wayfaring Rider (outro)

Same great favorites, now in it's fifth pressing, so we are celebrating with a new look for the cover. Swing your saddle on a westward wind and enjoy the ride as Juni takes you from a county fair race track to the work pens and a lady Vaquero's way of training, from a dying wrangler's last request to a rollicking celebration of the Cowgirl and the ways of the West. Dedicated to the late great Western Artist, Joelle Smith, this celebration of the Cowgirl is a must have!

All songs by Juni Fisher 2005 (Red Geetar Music) except:
*Lisa Aschmann (Nashville Geographic) & Juni Fisher (Red Geetar Music)
**Jack Hannah &Baxter Black (Great American Cowboy Music)
***Leonard Cohen (Sony/ATVSongs LLC)
Produced by Juni Fisher for Red Geetar Records



2004 Red Geetar Records


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Now in it's FIFTH pressing, this album is back in stock with all new artwork, same great songs.

Nominated! Just Plain Folks Awards (the Grammys for Independant recording artists) names "Sideshow Romance" in their top eight for Best New Folk Album, fall 2006!

1. Sideshow Romance
2. Teddy O'Neill*
3. Oh Galveston
4. Raglan Road*
5. The Sky
6. Raven's Wing
7. Wish I'd Never Had That Kid
8. The Dog and The Pig, Ike and Betsy and Me
9. Blue Eyed Saddle Tramp
10. Ghost of Del Cielo
11. He'd Be Home By Now
12. Well Traveled Trail

all songs written by Juni Fisher,
except traditional(*)
all rights reserved. A.S.C.A.P. 2004

Juni's remarkable second album takes her listeners on the next leg of thejourney west. "Sideshow Romance" will have you headed to the midway with a waltz in your heart. Ever wonder what happened
when Betsy from Pike's rooster ran off?Think Billy the Kid's mother was proudof her infamous son? The arrangements of Fisher's second release showcase her doing what she does best:blending song effortlessly with stories that deliver satisfying twists.
With Tom Russell's blessing, she includes her sequel to his famous
"Gallo del Cielo",in this remarkable collection of finely crafted songs.



1999 Red Geetar Records


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Now in it's SEVENTH pressing! A best seller since it's first release in 1999

"Ropeburns" Western charts! The Single "Red Velvet Slippers" rated #1!

1. Red Velvet Slippers
2. Me and Martha Jane
3. I Can't Complain
4. Jersey Lilly
5. Sierry Boots
6. I Will Miss Ireland
7. Chinaman Jack
8. The Same River
9. Just Doin' My Job
10. (If This) Ain't Jesse James
11. Tumbleweed Letters

all songs written by Juni Fisher
all rights reserved. A.S.C.A.P. 1999

Here is Juni's highly acclaimed first album, full of stories in song about the folks who made their way west. From Irish immigrants to the Chinese laundry-man/opium dealer, from an aging, whisky sodden Calamity Jane to a nervous, trigger happy Barney Fife of a sheriff, a whining sodbuster to the cow who becomes her only friend, from a happy to be alive Cavalry mule to a grieving Cavalry widow, they are all here. Juni's follow ups to Marty Robbin's "ElPaso" and to the comical "Sierry Peakes" are works of lyrical art. It's the history of the American west like you have never heard it before.







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